Track Experience

Rich & Ray Track Experience

Rich & Ray has a combined team of Specialist Consultants, Experts, Accredited and Certified professionals and Research Management Icons. Accredited & Certified Submarine Cable Engineers

  1. More than thirty-five years’ experience in Radio and Line Transmission Engineering.
  2. Microwave Installation and Link Budget Planning.
  3. Optical Fiber Cable Technology
  4. Optical Fiber Cable Installation and maintenance.
  5. Digital Satellite Earth Station Operations.
  6. SDH Multiplexing, Installation, and Configuration.
  7. Submarine Cable Station Management.
  8. Network Configuration and Management.
  9. WEB Switching & Load Balancing.
  10. Fiber Metro and Backbone maintenance.
  11. Construction of Cable Ducts, Hand/Holds, Joint Boxes, Manholes of all sizes.
  12. Design and Planning of Cable Routes.
  13. Design, Installation and maintenance of MPLS/IPMPLS Networks.
  14. Design, Installation and Maintenance of Smart City.
  15. Design and Installation of Security Networks.
  16. Design, Installation and Management of All Tiers of Data Centers.
  17. Design, Construction and Installation of Mast, Towers and Antennas.
  18. Leased Lines and Capacity Management.
  19. Design and Management of Enterprise Network.
  20. Fixed and Core Network Solutions.
  21. Communication Cabling Solutions
  22. Power Management Solutions, Consulting and Build.